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Art Gallery & Studio

Lina Rincon

Join award winning Lina Rincon artist and teacher at her gallery and experience contemporary art

in a warm and  friendly setting.

Lina is a Colombian artist, photographer, and educator.

Featured Artwork

Horse Inspired Art

Kids Night Out
Lina Rincon


New Art Immersion Classes for Kids 

Lina Rincon, a highly trained art instructor who coaches students step-by-step through.

Our art classes for children are held most afternoons with art lessons in how to draw and paint in watercolor as well as Acrylic and pastel paints.  

If you, or your child has ever wanted to learn to draw or learn to paint, we are here to help make that a reality with classes in beginning acrylic, pastel and watercolor.

Children Art Class

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Browse through the Art Collection for Selection. The Art Work includes my painting and others. 

Art by:

Lina Rincon

Robin Maria Pedrero

Leticia Herrera

Zeisook You

Deborah Hartigan Viestenz

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Lina Rincon
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